N     E    W      

Y    O    R    K

Born in South Africa in 1991, Chloe Obermeyer received her BA(FA) from the university of Cape Town in 2014. Alongside THAT ART FAIR, she has exhibited at the AVA Gallery, had a solo exhibition at The South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity and partook in the alternative photographic exhibition "Touching a Photograph" in Florence, Italy. She currently divides production between Cape Town and her hometown of George. Experimenting with alternative photographic/ printing techniques is central to her artistic practice. Her interest in this manner of art making was ignited by her intrigue with the cyanotype process. She is primarily interested in nature and the natural world, especially the ocean. Utilizing different media such as paints, found objects, photographs and organic matter, Chloe's work often depicts imagined and constructed visions that may range from simple abstract investigations of natures textures to more recognizable imagery. Her work often touches ideas surrounding scientific discovery, wonder and environmental concern.

Redefining how art is seen and experienced ™ 

Chloe Obermeyer