The Art Arena consultation and advisory team represents both our editorial and curatorial art advisory board and our in house team; whose focus is on the collecting and deaccessioning interests of individual and institutional clients. This is service is tailor made for collectors, art enthusiasts and buyers.
Our team:

— Advises on collection interest, market intelligence, and ideal venue for transaction

— Manages the entire art acquisition process including sourcing, negotiation, purchase, install, and documentation

— Executes sale via private placement, auction or donation.
— Special services include Collector Engagement and much more custom curated advisory.

For groups and individuals who want immersion at art events we organize:
—Private walkthroughs of all major art fairs.
—Hosted lectures, panel discussions, and market seminars.
—Studio visits and access to exclusive art parties and shows.
In our private curatorial services we:
—Bring an experienced perspective and network of artists, dealers, curators and exhibition designers to produce relevant temporary and permanent installations.
—Select studios to uncover new work that should be seen.
—Conceive the vision, secure work, design exhibition format, and generate publicity.
—Host private and public art experiences to achieve objectives of the show.


Art Arenas Editorial Advisory Committee is an accomplished, progressive group of artists, collectors, curators, directors and gallerists whose commitment and contributions to the landscape of contemporary art speaks for itself.  Our focus, direction and programming is always original, unique, and unparalleled thanks in part to the standards and prestige our consultants bring. 

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