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 N     E    W      

Y    O    R    K

I choose to take, fragment, manipulate and re-assemble my plants as a statement on how we, as humans, must re-assemble or re-invent ourselves in order to survive personal challenges. My final images stand on their own. Perfection. Which I believe we strive for in ourselves after being fragmented.. Perfection equals resilience. I want to produce botanical images that excite, intrigue, shock and generate new thoughts. To conjure up new sensations. In other  words, to re-ignite the world of botanical photography. 

As an artist, I am fascinated by both the continual change of negative and positive space through movement and the process of taking a living organism, fragmenting it, manipulating it and then re-inventing it into an entirely new entity which resembles the original, but is in fact, entirely contemporary. An image which sways between reality and surrealism. Inspiration comes from the use of colour and dramatic lighting found in Still-life paintings of the 1600-1800, the transparency and movement found in Francis Bacons’s paintings and the lyrics of Ian Curtis.

Graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Toronto ,Canada Participant in SNAP 2017 AIDS Silent Auction,Toronto Finalist in " Discovery of the Year" award at the International Photography Awards 2016, 1st Prize/ Advertising- International Photography Awards 2016, 1st Prize/ Food Advertising- International Photography Awards 2016, Ist Prize winner/Nature-Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2016, 1st Prize Nature/Flowers- Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2016, 2nd Prize Fine Art/ Still Life- Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2016, 3rd Prize Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced- Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2016, 1st runner up in the London Photography Festival 2016, 1st Prize and honorable mention/ Fine Art -Still life- Moscow International Foto Awards 2016, 2 Honorable mentions /Nature - Fine Art Photography Awards, London 2016, Award of Merit and selected to participate in the SNAP 2016 AIDS Silent Auction, Toronto Shortlisted at The Wildlife Photographer of the Year, The British Natural History Museum, London, England 2016, Participant in Pixels of Identities Art Expo, Bogota, Columbia 2016 1st Prize winner /Open category-International Photographer of the Year 2015, 1st Prize winner in Amateur / Nature/flower section of the International Photography Awards 2015, Saatchi Gallery-rotating screen - London, England, Aesthetica Magazine - 2016 GeoWissen Magazine - Germany 2016, Editors' Spotlight National Geographic Your Shot March 2015, F-stop Magazine -2016, Dodho Magazine - June 3, 2015, 

Anne Hoerter