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Charlotte Colbert is a Franco/British artist and filmmaker who lives and works in London. She is best known for her surreal and dark imagery. In addition to her solo shows, and large-scale public displays, her work has been shown at major international fairs such as Hong Kong Basel, Istanbul Art Fair, Miami and Photo-London. Her work has been likened to the surreal work of Toomer, Breton and Dali (Phaidon) and described as “surreal and delicate” (Huffington Post), an “exploration of the human mind” (Vogue) and as “existing in that space dreams and nightmares” (Las Ultimas Noticias). 

Colbert’s photographic work is strongly anchored within the language of film and storytelling. Her pictures are mostly conceived as a series, a sequence developed in script format before being shot. Her work has strong philosophical undertones, and often plays on questions of time, space and identity. “Richly evocative and cinematic, her black-and-white work delves into interior experiences of the mind. She explores the inner and outer spaces our minds occupy and transform, either by fear or fantasy. The subjects of isolation, the self and gender also drive her imagination." Ultravie 

Describing her work as “having strong philosophical undertones” in Vogue, Laura Bailey wrote: “A truly original visual storyteller, her images are hauntingly evocative”. Dorothy Bohm photographer and co-founder of the Photographer’s Gallery in London has written of her “Some photographers take pictures and others make them. Charlotte is most definitely in the second category, her pictures a gateway into her search for meaning and her very special way of seeing.”
Her 2013 show at Gazelli Art House titled A Day At Home was nominated "exhibition of the month" by Black and White Photography Magazine and described in the Huffington Post as "a gateway into dreams".  In 2014 she was commissioned to do a public display on Piccadilly for the occasion of Frieze Art fair. The series, entitled "In and Out Of Space" rendered affectionate to Stanley Kubrick for the fifteenth anniversary of his death. These were subsequently included in the acclaimed group show “Daydreaming With… Stanley Kubrick” curated by James Lavelle and James Putnam at Somerset House. 

Her 2016 solo show Ordinary Madness questioning our relationship to digitalization. “As the fabric of our material and virtual worlds continue to blur — is our own physicality fading into the ether like some of the subjects in Colbert’s double exposure images?” WeHeart