By contrast, by daringly lowering the resolution, we urge the viewer to complement and correct in the brain of the viewer. I capture real as an object, create colours and forms that make it possible, I pursue realism in my own paintings. I would like to present new possibilities and perspectives of painting based on this concept. In my work, the sense of distance between the screen and the viewer is closely related.

As a result of lowering the resolution, the viewer takes on abstract planarity as it approaches the painting. I would like you to acquire a new viewpoint that allows you to raise awareness from neutral areas about the existence and essence of things, or their diversity and transitions, in the traffic between the stereoscopicity and the flatness as the viewer's level of consciousness.

I am a painter based in Japan. The main characteristic of my works lies in the unique sense of space that he produces. In my work, I am testing a new (neutral) approach to space, bringing together a Western three-dimensional style of painting with an Oriental planar style of painting. Together with considering the possibilities of paintings, I am aiming to give new perspectives to those who view my paintings. Originally, realism in painting is a technique that approaches objects by increasing resolution to the utmost. 

Hitoshi Tsuboyama  

Redefining how art is seen and experienced ™ 

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