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Review of The Koppel Project's

Pandiculate!The Joy Of Stretching

The Koppel Project’s inaugural exhibition welcomes artists Katie Hayward, Harriet Poznansky and Sarah Roberts to stretch into the newly converted gallery in response to the transition from bank vault to project space.

Pandiculate! The Joy of Stretching brings together three artists whose playful use of narrative, landscape and material overlap, intermingle, un-hinge, re-affirm and inflate within the old vault. Referencing stories of vampires in lemon groves, Welsh landscapes, claustrophobia and a longing to elongate, this exhibition weaves together fantasy, dreamscape, AI technology and cracks in cityscapes. The three artists will be working in residence for two weeks, creating site-specific works. The process of their residency will be documented and will form an important element of the project.

Pandiculate! The Joy of Stretching , features the work of Dominic Watson, who will be exhibiting Casual Fragrance in The Decompression Room* as well as the poetic interventions of writer in residence Joseph Minden.