Richard Lewsey

Richard Lewsey investigates the human mind and the secrets it casts. His visual representations are the extreme synthesis of the genius of his thought. Thought that takes care of the aches and moods of our society. Thought extremely complex which manifests itself through a great synthesis of signs. His and conceptual art. Art that is staggering the mind and summarizes the mark. Richard Lewsey, and with good reason, is one of the foremost artists from the conceptualist viewpoint. The greatest of world stages are hosting his works. Works that attract the bystander and lead him into the secret ways in which the intellect is talking to his madness.

-Salvatore Russo

Space between dreaming and consciousness The Exigencies of Space Image making based on structures to develop a means Then in practice ignore them Using memory or observational study Redefine ways of seeing to base chaos Abstracted into pure colour Marks that are not based on normal light perception The Palaeontology of desire Education 1979-1982 Camberwell College of Arts with BA Hons Degree Exhibition 2017 Solo exhibition at Museu das Comunicacoes in Lisbon curated by USIA Group exhibition in Doha at Katara Cultural Village curated by USIA Solo exhibition in New York curated by Artifact 2015 The Four Seasons curated by USIA/MODERN, Ritz Four Seasons, Lisbon 2014 GZ-BASEL curated by Galeriazero, Basel “The Exclusive Exhibition” curated by USIA at Bulgari Hotel & Residences, London KUNST 2014 curated by Galerizero at Forum Factory, Berlin “Tunnel Project” curated by Galeriazero, Framers Gallery, Fitzrovia, London 2013 Private show on negatives & [email protected], Kyoto curated by Myles Francis Gallery Contemporary 2013 London curated by Galeriazero at Brick Lane Gallery Annex The New Collectors Book 2013 Exhibition curated by Basak Malone LLC at Ward-Nasse Gallery New York 2011-12 GZ-Art Basel 2012 “Meeting in Brooklyn”, Bag Gallery, New York “Meeting in Berlin” curated by Galeriazero 2008-2010 (Lived in Barcelona) Individual show; Exhibited in “made in 2010”, Barcelona 1982-1991 Mixed show at Royal Free Hospital Mixed show Whitechapel Forum Centre Annual show at Cable Street Studios Listed at Whitechapel Gallery Promotion/publication 2015 Selected for USIA Top Artist 2015 2015 issues of MODERN PAINTERS, Louise Blouin Media On-the-spot interview by a Japanese TV station 2014 FRIEZE, April issue 162, published on March 20, 2014. 2013 The New Collectors Book 2013 Edition, Basak Malone LLC New York I Segnalati 2013 by Salvatore Russo ea editore 


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