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*What are the principle themes and focus of your work? Photography, as with any other form of art, offers variety. Landscape Photography exposes me from the inside out, it is a reflection of my soul. Landscape Photography is the perfect fit for me as it offers me opportunities to travel to places with spectacular scenery. At the same time, exchanging life stories with people. I am passionate about people, photography and travel in equal measure. My life is richer for connecting with inspirational individuals who have touched my life with their fingerprint of uniqueness. Landscape Photography is consistent in beauty and yet creation is unpredictable which inspires and develops an immense respect for my Creator. As a Fine Art Landscape Photographer my purpose and passion is to extract the finest moments in creation, capturing and portraying them accurately through my lens. My focus is to improve my techniques by travelling to locations, favoured by those that are less exposed. I vary my focus between mountains, lakes and rivers. My intentionality is to stimulate the senses, with colours that are naturally soaked in warm sunlight, captivating attention and interest with work that is artistically ‘unpredictable’. When I shoot from popular tourist sites, my purpose is to introduce a freshness and uniqueness by being creative with my camera and equipment, using creation to complement my work.

*Your aesthetic; while routed in fundamental art historical themes, is also very distinctive. I’m very interested in are artist with a unique vision places themselves within the art context; which other art and artists they are inspired and influenced by. Within the evolution of your artistic journey, have you found a specific affinity to certain artists, and if so, why?  My two mentors are among Australia’s leading Fine Art Landscape Photographers, namely; Glenn McKimmin and Mark Gray they continue to influence and inspire me. Glenn and Mark are at the cutting edge of Fine Art Landscape Photography. They are consistently creative and initiate new methods of capturing creation on locations, whether highly exposed or otherwise. Glenn and Mark have inspired me to think outside the square and to express myself through my lens in a unique way. Both Glenn and Mark are ahead of their time in their techniques and attitudes towards photography and integrating their values and principles towards people who possess an aspiration to develop their photographic skills to a new level. They nurture and encourage individualism in photographers who are focusing their vision on evolving into something fresh, organic and exciting.

 * With each work, or as an artist as a whole, what do you wish to communicate to the audience, and how does this specifically effects the final work? Does this change with different works, or series, or does it remain the same with all of your creations? Photography is my passionate purpose and that is what I intend communicating to the audience. Living my dream: photography, is woven through my work. It delights my heart when I receive positive feedback from people, knowing that what I do speaks to their souls. Photography is an evolvement, it is a process of refinement, both creatively and in technique. The common thread in my work is being the best Fine Art Landscape Photographer I can be, but changes are consistent due to creation, which stimulates my photographic growth. I purposefully travel to areas with distinct differences, whether it be in climate or in landscape, to effectively improve my work and to evolve into a versatile, competent Fine Art Landscape Photographer. My vision is to become an authority on my subject and to build my confidence as a photographer. Sharpening my photographic skills will result in producing more of an impact and a positive response.

All images are exclusively the property and copyright of the artist Clare Page. 

* Which of your works stands out as a highlight, favorite, or significant point in your creative growth and development? And why was it most significant to you as an artist? The turning point in my photographic career occured when Mark Gray instructed me, during private tuition, ways to improve my photography. The images captured on that shoot were relevant to me, not only because I enjoyed their uniqueness but I realised the importance of going the extra distance to secure a significant message reflected in each image. I was hoping for a calm sunny afternoon. Instead (to my advantage), it was a wind and rain swept afternoon. We climbed across impressive rock shelves, with the wind whipping the waves against our legs. Umbrellas were ineffective due to the strength of the wind and pouring rain. My lens filter was wet and attempts to keep it dry were almost unsuccessful. But persistence paid dividends. We had a short respite in a make-shift cave, away from the tumultuous conditions. When we returned to the ocean, the weather improved. But it was the best time as I was rapidly learning to cope with extreme weather conditions and methods to apply solutions to opposition that presented itself. The weather taught me not just about overcoming obstacles in photography but also personally. I learnt not to give up but to walk into my destiny with diligence and determination.

* Artists always vary in the importance placed on communicating their own vision without question or limitation, and the emphasis and importance placed on the audience, and how it can and will relate to them. How do you feel when people interpret your artwork inversely, or is there one primary thing you hope to have the viewer experience? I believe everyone is entitled to their interpretation of my work. If their view and opinion is constructive, personally, I welcome people’s honesty. Naturally I want people to like my work, but it is not always going to happen. Listening to criticism from someone else’s perspective, with understanding, is a good way to maintain a level of professionalism. On the positive side, I want people to be inspired, and impacted by my work, influencing them to take time to reflect on what I have captured. Individual interpretation: taking them to another space and place.

*The creative approach is a very personal methodology, and every artist differs when it comes to their artistic process. How do you approach creation - can you elaborate on your working process? As a Fine Art Landscape Photographer I am passionate about occupying wide open spaces and places. I possess a passionate purpose, landscape photography. It is my intentionality to sharpen my photographic skills, honing my creative ability to invite the outdoors, indoors. Where creation (outdoors) transforms a space (indoors) into something extra-ordinary. Transporting individuals to another space and place. My interpretation of how I approach creation is to be ‘in’ it, to be integrated with it. When I am on a photoshoot I become ‘one’ with the landscape that surrounds me. Creation’s heartbeat becomes mine, instinct intermingles with inspiration. I embrace it. I inhale its inspiration and accurately capture what is before me. Every picture tells a story. My intention is to encourage the public to interpret their story. What is your story? Individual interpretation. Time is spent observing weather patterns and cloud formations. I study maps and invest time in discovering the nature of the roads. Planning is paramount before arriving at a designated place to capture the wonder of nature. Before each shoot, I do a reconnaissance of the area before I commit myself to a photoshoot, familiarizing myself with the countryside. I concentrate on finding specific and distinctive landmarks which would add interest to the image. My intentionality is to be consistently creative in discovering new ways to capture images that would influence lasting impressions. I use a quality camera and accessories. Essentially I believe my work is fueled by a creative process of manipulating light, using filters, varying my shutter speed and being innovative with my focal length. Filters are used to extend my exposure which adds a different, yet intriguing dynamic to an image. Their purpose is to soften and blur the movement of water, clouds and landscapes, wherever there is movement. Adding intrigue. On each photoshoot I am exploring and expanding in being creative with my composition. In my view, I believe composition complements the mechanism associated with the theory of photography. Whilst I strongly support the theory associated with photography, my pulse beats with a passion to introduce something new and fresh to iconic photographic landmarks by initiating and applying a creative perspective.

All images are exclusively the property and copyright of the artist Clare Page. 

Colours fascinate me, particularly the way they are blended in nature. I realise the importance of demonstrating the influence of colours, whether striking or subdued and the way they impact different people. On each shoot, I look for the extravagance or the softness in colours in what I am capturing. Colours, shapes and textures encourage and arouse curiosity and effectively evoke emotions. My intentionality is to transport people to another place and space with my work. I love to introduce the dynamics of the dramatic with impressive mountains and striking colours contrasted with soft colours and the ‘smooth’ contours of the hills. First impressions influence lasting impressions. That is my effective form of communication with my audience and it remains consistent with all my work. Witnessing the wonder of their facial expressions and their words of exclamation.

*In a wider context, why do you think art is imperative for the world, and why is it important for you personally as artist? Art is creative.  It initiates creativity in us and stimulates people to become aware of artists and the work they are creating. We live in an era where we are sometimes bombarded by technology, which is advancing at an alarming rate. We were created to be creative and to appreciate and to learn and to evolve from other artists. We need time to relax and to impact the world positively around us, with art. Art is beautiful and it restores peace and hope in humanity. Art is also purposeful. It is an investment in time and sometimes, invaluable, financially. It defines an individual, it is as personal and unique as their fingerprint. Creativity is an expression of one’s soul. I believe we travel through this life in seasons of the soul. Different art works ‘speak’ to various people during their specific season. Art is a freedom of expression, applied in shape, form and colour, replacing words. Although I am a Fine Art Landscape Photographer, photography fulfills my purpose and soothes my soul, but I also appreciate art that attracts and holds my attention. Art, or photography, for me, fulfills my purpose, being on this earth.

*In your evolution as an artist, (both creatively, conceptually and pragmatically), what has been the biggest frustration or obstacle? As a female photographer, I am involved in a profession which is predominately male orientated. But I am not deterred by that as the majority of the male photographers have been very kind and honouring towards me


All images are exclusively the property and copyright of the artist Clare Page. 

All images are exclusively the property and copyright of the artist Clare Page. 

Hence the importance of preparing my knowledge of the area I have chosen. I walk around and select specific angles with my camera on live view, conceptualizing a creative perceptive, sometimes in renowned places.To experience and to embrace nature, and to capture it ‘authentically’, my intention is to arrive early at my destination, particularly in well ‘saturated’ photographic areas, where I have witnessed a flurry of activity with other photographers just before dawn. Time has taught me to be organized in advance. All my equipment; extra lenses, if required, and filters are at hand when I need them. I attach my filter system onto my lens in advance, enabling me to simply position a filter or filters into their frame, when required. I transition smoothly when the light necessitates the use of filters. As photography is sourced from light. I delight in being creative in introducing light into my shots, either through mist/fog, clouds or the sun breaking over the horizon and spreading its light and warmth over creation. Light is an instant attraction and often, a leading line. Light can be dramatic or subtle. My intention is to use it as a ‘fingerprint’ on my images.