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Jérôme Bryon was born in Paris in 1974, he lives in Montpellier, France. After graduating in architecture and design, he quickly becomes a photographer. Represented by the Galerie Vieille du Temple since 2011, he had his firts solo exhibition in 2012, and the gallery will represent him at the ART PARIS / ART FAIR at the Grand Palais in Paris this spring 2016. Haunted by images inherited from Russian constructivism to radical architecture, his photographs are very graphicly composed. His serie Sous Œuvres which means litterally « under pieces » also designates the parts of a building site that are fated to disappear. By recreating a space or abolish it completely Bryon creates a new enchanted image out of this poor first hand material. Likewise, his serie Posture explores the idea of creative survival : how to create in a sterile environement. Bryon goes from room to room in the cheapest chain hotel where he must make one image a room. The result is this abstract serie , where space and reality are altered to create these photographic pastel collages made out of the flip side of a mattress. Bryon’s pictures -that are never retrouched- distinguishes themselves by their picturality, his extreme attention to details and surfaces creates a new substantiality for these abstract images. The photographer extract trivial sculptures from our daily reality to bring them towards their abstract universality.