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 N     E    W      

Y    O    R    K

Zita Ayala was born in Pamplona, Spain. She studied fine arts in Madrid. After working as a graphic designer for twenty years, she moved to the French Basque country to live with the love of her life. Currently she devotes her life to art and, after a long personal search, has created her own artistic technique that she calls “L’Art de la Lumière Cachée”, which has as its objective to sensitize the spectator so as to provoke within a REconnection with Nature through light paintings with two dimensions: 

A NATURAL DIMENSION (opaque), essentially white, minimalist, organic, calling us to meditation. A HIDDEN DIMENSION (light), as light emanates from the interior, stories, magic and dreams appear, contrasting with the Natural Dimension, giving rise to surprises, contradictions, dilemmas or unexpected answers. From 2014 she started to exhibit and show her work to the world through the web, exhibitions, fairs and competitions. All of this with the invaluable help and company of Zelexx Gutiérrez, her current partner, manager, light technician... dedicating all her effort and excitement to making known “L’Art de la Lumière Cachée”. 

Zita Ayala